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We at CECC believe that it is our role, in partnership with the family, to value and develop each individual child, socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, culturally, and spiritually. In our warm and loving atmosphere, children feel secure and are empowered to accomplish new skills; actively participate in their educational experience; and build a foundation to be lifelong learners.


CECC educates, stimulates, and nurtures creative hands and creative minds in the children and adults who actively learn, play, grow and work together.

Enrollment Info

RE: Enrollment for 2021Summer and/or 2021-2022 School Year


Dear Families,

Please find attached enrollment contracts for the Summer 2021 session and the 2021-2022 School Year. Families may choose from three different schedules that include two-day (Tuesday/Thursday), three-day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday), or five-day (Monday through Friday) options. Please see the chart on the enrollment forms for choices. The chart lists the already calculated monthly tuition (with deeper discounts for five day or full-time enrollment). This includes tuition for adding extended day AM and/or PM options to match your choice of the three offered schedules. This year we have found that we needed to raise tuition rates in order to better align our budget with program needs.  It was with careful thought and through our governing board’s (CFAB) approval that these new rates were established. You will find an August tuition chart included on your enrollment form. Please be sure to use these amounts when figuring your first month’s tuition payment on your 2021-2022 enrollment form if submitting enrollment prior to August. For September through May tuition please see the tuition chart on that contract. Please keep a copy of your contract for your review. We will continue to offer occasional drop-in for enrolled families as space permits. Drop in options may not be scheduled more than two weeks in advance. Drop-in care tuition is due prior to or the day of care at the current daily rate. (See Director for daily rate.) 

In order to provide everyone, the same opportunity to be the first to enroll, we are distributing packets about a month prior to opening enrollment. We want to allow you plenty of time to understand all your options and make the best decisions for your family. Enrollment will only be accepted on or after March 1st for CURRENTLY ENROLLED and Central Church Families. We will begin processing enrollment on March 1 for church members and currently enrolled families whose tuition accounts are current and have up-to-date health records on file. We will accept enrollment from new families in person on April 1 between 4:30pm and 5:30pm. Anyone wishing to enroll after this may do so by mail or by appointment only. See protocols on website. Once again, no enrollment will be accepted prior to March 1. We will be sending confirmation letters once all enrollment has been processed.  If we do not have an opening for your child, you will be contacted about having your child placed on our waiting list.

The two-page enrollment form must be completed in full for each individual child enrolling. Please read the form entirely and sign prior to submitting. Each monthly payment must be made/scheduled on or prior to the 10th of each month or subject to a $30.00 late fee. We will only accept fully completed, legible, and signed forms. For accounting purposes, we request that you pay for summer and fall with separate checks or money orders; one check each session per family. 

We realize that paying for both summer and fall enrollment along with your current month’s tuition could pose a financial burden for some families. Therefore, we offer the following:

For Currently Enrolled Families Only: 

  • We will accept enrollment with ONLY the non-refundable enrollment fee paid by check or money order, provided that at time of enrollment you also enroll to make electronic tuition payments beginning the first month (June for Summer, August for 2021-2022) for the session enrolled and sign the delayed payment agreement (see attached agreement and authorization form). Or…

  • If current families choose not to sign up for electronic payments, they will be required to submit the enrollment fee AND half of the first month’s tuition at time of enrollment. Payment of the remainder of the first month’s tuition must be made before May 1 for Summer and/or before June 15 for the school year. Your enrollment will NOT be secure if unpaid by these dates. 

Please see a director if you have any questions.

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Current Family Enrollment begins 3/1/21 and New Family Enrollment starts 4/1/21