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Enrollment Info

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We at CECC believe that it is our role, in partnership with the family, to value and develop each individual child, socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, culturally, and spiritually. In our warm and loving atmosphere, children feel secure and are empowered to accomplish new skills; actively participate in their educational experience; and build a foundation to be lifelong learners.


CECC educates, stimulates, and nurtures creative hands and creative minds in the children and adults who actively learn, play, grow and work together.

Enrollment Info

Thanks for your interest in Central Early Childhood Center. The following information will help you understand the wait list and enrollment process. There is NO fee to be put on a wait list. Please understand that we do not carry our wait lists forward to the next session and no one will be moved to the next wait list unless requested. You will only be contacted if we have an opening occur and you are next on the list. We will continue to enroll throughout each session if space is available. If you have not been contacted from the wait list or the wait list’s session has ended it is up to you to pursue enrollment preferably during annual enrollment each spring. 

  • Wait lists begin when that session’s enrollment is full. 

  • Wait lists will be discarded when that session ends.

  • Placement on a wait list does not guarantee that a space will open for you. 

  • Openings occur when a currently enrolled family withdraws or makes a change in their enrollment status/schedule.

Enrollment information/forms for the following Summer and School Year will be available on site and posted on the Early Childhood webpage at in February. Our annual enrollment begins in March for a June (Summer program) start and/or an August (School year program) start. We begin processing enrollment from currently enrolled families during March. Enrollment from new families will be received beginning April 1 or the closest following weekday we are open. We will only enroll an infant for the summer program when s/he is also enrolling for the school year program. Priority will be given to currently enrolled students/families, students enrolling for summer and school year, five-day enrollment, as well as Central Church members.

  • Open enrollment for new families is accepted beginning in April.

  • Those on wait lists must submit enrollment if wanting to attend for the following sessions (summer and/or school year). Wait lists are discarded at the end of each session. No one is automatically moved to the next wait list.

  • Enrollment forms are available in February for the following Summer and/or School year sessions.

  • Payment by check or money order of the enrollment fee and first month’s tuition must accompany all submitted enrollment.

  • Fees and tuition will only be deposited when we enroll your student.

  • You must read, fully complete, be responsible for understanding the information in the current family handbook, and sign enrollment form for each individual child before submitting.

  • We do continue to enroll children throughout the summer/school year as openings become available.


We hope this helps you understand our wait list and enrollment process. Please direct any questions, concerns or comments to the early childhood office. Thanks again for your interest in Central Early Childhood Center. We hope to serve you soon.

Please note* Current protocols due to the Covid 19 pandemic may override regular practice. 

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